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Ms. Phelps-Cammon's class at Euclid for KIDS OCEAN DAY

A fundraiser for the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education in Los Angeles, CA.

To support the Malibu Foundation's KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up event and to further its cause of environmental education in schools across Los Angeles.

$289 Raised of $250 Goal

7 Donors

This fundraiser ended on:
May 16, 2013 11:00 PM PST

About the Fundraiser

The Need

Every year, our children are given the opportunity to attend the Malibu Foundation's School Assembly Program and the annual KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up. This program is organized to educate and connect children to the beaches and oceans.

KIDS OCEAN DAY is spent cleaning up the beach and taking part in an aerial photo formation.

Hope you enjoy our class art gallery! Please help support this program with a donation in any amount to a child's artwork.

Organized by

phelps / Ms P


the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education
Los Angeles, CA
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The Malibu Foundation is dedicated to a sustainable and healthy planet for all life by educating and motivating people into action.

Ocean Blue

by Lizbeth101

The fish are happy,because the ocean is clean and quiet.

Hawaiian Island

by Jacqueline101

Hawaiian Islands have such clean oceans. That is how our oceans are supposed to be.

LIfe As an Undersea Animal

by Angie101

LIfe under the sea is magnificent. These creatures are animals that surround us. They want to live peacefully like us. So, please don't hurt these creatures by hunting them and polluting . These are beautiful creatures who should live peacefully.

Channel Island

by Anthony102

This art piece is about a boat who saw a happy dolphin for the first time because their beach was always dirty. The seagulls are happy because they have clean air.

Beautiful Creatures

by Melissa102

This illustration represents the big blue sea and it's beautiful creatures that are within the ocean.

Ocean Sunset

by Yvan101

The beautiful ocean sunset keeps the sea animals happy in their clean habitat.

TheThree Jelly Fish

by Ashley101

The three jelly fish are swimming in the blue water.The jelly fish are a part of the ocean and they want a clean home,not a dirty home.

Cruising Along

by Eduardo101

In this scene the S.S Atlantic is cruising over the sea. It shows wild life in the ocean.

Peaceful Island

by Arely101

My picture shows a peaceful and clean island,which sea animals want to live in.

The Beautiful Ocean

by Erick101

My art work shows how a shark is trying to eat an octopus. We need to have, the ocean clean so the animals won't get confused with trash and think trash is food.

Sea Animals Home

by Jennifer101

The other animals live happily in the ocean. They loved the clean ocean before all the trash came in and ruined their home

The Wonderful Sunset

by Nicholas101

This picture shows a beautiful sunset setting where the ocean is and all the beautiful animals looking at it.

The Beautiful Animals

by Elein101

This picture shows how animals under the sea live. It shows the naturalist beauty that we can't see.

The Boardwalk and the Ocean

by Jesus 101

This shows the boardwalk and the ocean. The animals in the ocean are below the boardwalk.

The Cool Blue

by Mark101

In my painting,I show how animals would feel if the ocean was a nice,clean place.

The Big Blue

by Adam101

There is an orange and white clown fish. The red fish is an angel fish. There is a black shark. There are pink jellyfish floating around.

Protect the Beautiful Ocean

by Marilyn101

The painting is about people that don't care about the sea animals . The animals want to have a clean, beautiful ocean and home like we want for ourselves.

Under The Sea

by Erik101

This picture shows the calm ocean and what happens when its calm.It shows a dolphin going to eat a school of tuna fish.

Golden Gate Bridge

by Giselle102

This picture describes how the cars cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Under the bridge there is an amazing world of fish that swim around all day.

Life in the Undersea Water

by Jaime101

This picture represents the undersea animals in their natural habitat. It shows how with all our help we can protect and expand our undersea neighbor's homes. If we keep on throwing trash away in the ocean,the animals will become extinct and we will have no more oceans.We will not be able to have transportation,hunt fish,or have fun surfing or swimming. So be sure to keep the oceans clean and have fun doing it.

The Way of the Ocean

by Victoria101

The sun and its waves are reflecting on the ocean.

Ocean, Clean ,Ocean

by Alberto101

The painting above is about a girl willing to relax in the sea. It is really clean and what is what makes our home special.

Beautiful Ocean

by Litzy101

This painting represents a beautiful ocean that is not contaminated. All those animals live in a safe and clean ocean. The animals want their home clean.

World of Sea Animals

by Teacher's101

This picture describes how all these beautiful creatures are happy when they have a beautiful clean ocean. This is how we should maintain our oceans,clean and safe.