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Ms. Proano's class at Plasencia for KIDS OCEAN DAY

A fundraiser for the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education in Los Angeles, CA.

To support the Malibu Foundation's KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up event and to further its cause of environmental education in schools across Los Angeles.

$547 Raised of $500 Goal

23 Donors

This fundraiser ended on:
April 20, 2013 11:00 PM PST

About the Fundraiser

The Need

Every year, our children are given the opportunity to attend the Malibu Foundation's School Assembly Program and the annual KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up. This program is organized to educate and connect children to the beaches and oceans.

KIDS OCEAN DAY is spent cleaning up the beach and taking part in an aerial photo formation.

Hope you enjoy our class art gallery! Please help support this program with a donation in any amount to a child's artwork.

Organized by

jproano / Sandra P


the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education
Los Angeles, CA
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The Malibu Foundation is dedicated to a sustainable and healthy planet for all life by educating and motivating people into action.

by Alexa102

I like turtles because they are tiny and cute.

by Aidan101

I like sea snails because they have very spiky backs and it looks really cool.

by Gabriel 101

Humpback whales are mammals and they swim in the ocean. They jump sand create a huge splash.

by John 102

Whales are enormous mammals. They care for their young.

by Margareth 101

Sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand. The sea turtles just have hatched and are returning to the sea.

by Matthew 102

Sea otters like to swim on their backs. They love playing with the green ocean plants.

by Navaeh101

I wanted to draw a baby otter because they are so cute. This is a picture of a sea otter family.

by Matthew 103

Sea dragons look like they are walking in the ocean.

by Rosemary101

First sea turtles hatch from an egg. Then, they walk to the ocean. Last, they swim away.

by Iliana 101

Sea lions can scare sea animals and they are mammals.

by Nery101

The hammerhead shark eat fish and breathe with gills. They have sharp teeth so they can kill their prey.

by Jaime102

Sea turtles are so cute. When they hatch, they race to the ocean so the birds don’t eat them.

by Wanali101

The sea turtles are amphibians. They live on the land and in the ocean. They get really hungry.

by Brian101

I’ve only seen a hammerhead shark in pictures because they swim so fast.

by Anthony 105

Whales swim and jump out of the water so they can breathe.