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Ms. Palacios' class at Baldwin Hills for KIDS OCEAN DAY

A fundraiser for the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education in Los Angeles, CA.

To support the Malibu Foundation's KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up event and to further its cause of environmental education in schools across Los Angeles.

$80 Raised of $300 Goal

3 Donors

This fundraiser ended on:
May 16, 2013 9:00 PM PST

About the Fundraiser

The Need

Every year, our children are given the oppurtunity to attend the Malibu Foundation"s School Assembly Program and the annual KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean Up. This program is organized to educate and connect children to the beaches and oceans.

KIDS OCEAN DAY is spent cleaning up the beach and taking part in an aerial photo formation.

Hope you enjoy our class art gallery! Please help support this program with a donation in any amont to a child's artwork.

Organized by

MsPalacios14 / Laura P


the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education
Los Angeles, CA
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The Malibu Foundation is dedicated to a sustainable and healthy planet for all life by educating and motivating people into action.

The Dirty Shell

by Yian101

One day a shell was going for a walk. While he was walking he heard some one yell, "Help. He ran all the way where someone was yelling for help. When he got there he saw another shell that was chocking on trash. He ran to the doctor and told the doctor to hurry. While the doctor was running the shell went home. When he got home he searched for food. while the shell was looking for food the shell saw a object. He thought it was food and the shell ate it. He was a shell so he didn't choke. For th ...more

Swimming with the Fish

by Chloe103

This is the picture of a scuba diver in the warm, pacific waters of Hawaii. This is also kind of from my imagination. The ocean isn't as clean anymore. Instead it's polluted with all kinds of junk. I love the ocean and every creature in it, but we're killing and endangering lots of different sea creature. Every time you donate some money, you're helping to save an innocent sea creature. HELP SAVE THE OCEAN TODAY!

Happy Ocean Village

by Eunseo101

I drew this picture because I remembered the book about treasure in ocean so I drew the happy village and the shell that has pearl protects that village.

Gray Reef Shark

by Abdullah101

Did you know gray reef shark's threat display is so effective that it can drive off a tiger shark, which at a length of up to 19ft 7in (6m) could oil a gray reef shark with a single bite. Did you know that scientists who fixed ultrasonic tracking devices to gray reef shark discovered that patrol an area of up to 12sq. miles (30sq. km) even day, visiting particular spots at regular times. Sharks: Underwater Monsters, Edited By Susan Baraclough

help the animals

by Madeleine101

the fish is not cute but elegant. The fish and the ocean needs help did you know that people throw glass , gum, plastik , cans and trash in the ocean. You don't think it is such a big deal but it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hard Journey

by Aparna101

I was inspired to draw this picture by the journey of Juan Cabrillo. Cabrillo went through a lot of rough weather. This picture is a boat going through a lot of rough weather. This boat reminds me a lot of Juan Cabrillo’s ship. While drawing this picture, I remembered how Cabrillo finally found land, and my hope is that this boat does too.

Clean my beach

by Hayden101

Clean up time.Is a picture that shows that the animals don't really enjoy all the trash in the ocean.That's why lots of the schools go to the huge beach clean up.So the beach clean up shows that there is a lot of trash in on the beach and there could get even more in the ocean. So try to keep the beach as clean as you can.Thank you for donating

A Beautiful Sunset

by Leanne101

I got inspired to draw this picture because when I was little my family used to see the sunset from our house. So I just decided to move the sunset to the beach, because I love to go to the beach.

Red Sky Island

by Caleb102

I came up with this painting to show some of the animals. I also wanted to show some of the trash. This painting represents the cry for help from the unheard ocean. The ocean wants us to clean it as best we can. That is what I believe the ocean is begging us to do.

The Swimming Fish Under the Ocean

by Cailey101

The swimming fish is about fish that are under the ocean and they can never come to land because what they are. Fill a little sad but they love the sea blue ocean were there are all kinds of fish. The fish make all kinds of friends. But the one thing that they don’t make friends with are sharks. They never get along with each other. The shark always wins and the fish are gone. Soon there will be no fish left in the ocean but one.

The Sunset Veiw

by Shruti101

Supplies used for the picture : Construction Paper, Oil Pastel, Water color. I got inspired for drawing the picture from when I was little, I told my dad to take a picture at the sunset, so I just got my shadow , that’s how I remembered, but instead of me there was a whale. That’s what inspired me to do a sunset with a big WHALE.

Abner and the dolphin

by Chloe104

I drew this picture because I love turtles. I also love Abner so I drew Abner in my picture. I also drew a dolphin too because a dolphin is one of my favorite animal. I drew the dolphin because when a dolphin jumps in the air from out of the ocean it means peace. Then I drew a mountain. I drew the mountain because every time I go to a beach I always see a mountain in the horizon.

The Bottom of the Sea

by Lauren101

I drew the bottom of the sea because I like the bottom of the sea.Also because it has a lot of cute creatures at the bottom of the sea. There are jellyfish and some turtles and star fish. for real the bottom of the sea is not that clean.

ocean life

by Zohayr101

My picture is about the sea and its life under neght the water what the life is and the fishy seaweed and rocks. This picture also has a message its whatever you do DON’T liter in the sea because most animals are about to be icstinted do to people liter ring.

Perfect Day

by David102

I was inspired by my sister’s perfect day project. You see the sun set over the horizon. A blue whale had a great feast. A baby dolphin was born and is all ready doing tricks already. A crab is rich because he found a 20 in the sand. A sea lion snuggles with her babies as they watch the sunset.

LA Beach

by Alexandra101

I drew this picture because i wanted to show you that LA's beach is a very beautiful. I also want to show my friendship between my best friend and I.

The Awesome Crab

by Bryan102

I drew a crab because it reminds me of Percy Jackson. When Percy was fighting a huge crab Also it reminds me of my first time eating a crab. It was delicious. I like crabs. That’s why I drew an awesome crab! CRABS ARE AWESOME!!!The End.