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Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

What is Artsy Good?

Artsy Good is a fundraising service that helps nonprofits raise money using artwork to connect with donors more personally.

Our fundraisers were founded on the belief that:

  • Art is a powerful communication tool
  • Inspiring donors through art is the best way to connect them to the cause

Our mission is to provide an easy and engaging way to bring art and philanthropy together online.

How does Artsy Good work?

  • Step 1 - Register your nonprofit to start creating your own art fundraiser
  • Step 2 - Upload artwork from students, members, or artists in your community to connect and tell a story about your cause
  • Step 3 - Share the art and ask supporters to contribute with a donation or to help spread the word
  • Step 4 - Donors receive a print of the artwork they support as a gift
  • Step 5 - Your nonprofit raises money and awareness by connecting, engaging, and inspiring through art

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I'm an Artist

My artwork is included in an Artsy Good fundraiser, what do I need to do?

Congratulations, that's very exciting! If you, or your legal guardian, have granted permission, your artwork will display on the fundraiser page. You can also provide the event organizer an email address to be notified when donors make a contribution in support of your artwork. Finally, share your art and have an Artsy Good time raising money for your cause.

What does it mean to grant permission? Can I change my mind?

When you grant permission, you are allowing your artwork or the artwork of a minor to be displayed on the fundraiser page and possibly have prints of the artwork sent as gifts to donors. You may deny or revoke permission at any time and the artwork will no longer be visible publicly.

How do you ensure privacy for artists?

Each artist on the Artsy Good website is identified by a "username" which is usually their First name followed by an assigned number (e.g., Jessica127). At the event organizer's discretion, last names may be posted publicly for artists who are not minors. For more info, please review our Privacy & Security Policy.

How do I start fundraising using my artwork?

If you are the artist or the parent of an artist, visit the fundraiser page. You can access the fundraising page for your artwork by clicking on the artwork. Share your artwork with all your friends and family using the social media tools provided. Track donations, comments, and views by visiting your fundraising page.

How do I share my fundraising page with my friends?

You can share your fundraising page using your preferred email tool or social media channel. Be sure to include the URL to your fundraising page in your email message. Use the share buttons provided on your fundraising page to easily share your page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or a number of other networks.

How can my friends and family help?

Your friends and family can help you raise money for your cause by making a donation or by sharing your fundraising page with others who might want to donate.

How often should I ask my friends?

It may take several asks before your friends take action, we recommend sending at least 2-3 reminders.

Can I donate to my own artwork's fundraising page?

Absolutely! We recommend you make the first donation. When friends see that you are investing your time, talent, and money to the cause you care about, they'll be encouraged to donate as well.

Does Artsy Good send my donors a "thank you"?

Yes. We thank each and every donor! Our email thanks the donor for their generosity and support on behalf of the Cause and Artsy Good.

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I'm a Donor

How do I make a donation?

When you're ready to make a donation, click the blue "Donate" button. You will be asked to enter your donation amount, name, email address. Depending on your donation, you may be eligible to select a gift. From there, you will go through the WePay checkout process and enter the shipping address where you would like your gift sent. Note that you must finish the WePay checkout process for your donation to be recorded.

Is my donation safe and secure?

Artsy Good processes credit card donations through WePay. WePay is not affiliated with Artsy Good. WePay uses industry-leading Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to keep your personal information as secure as possible. WePay adheres to Payment-Card Industry (PCI) guidelines for secure password requirements and aggressively monitors logins for suspicious activity. WePay has been verified by Verisign, McAfee, TRUSTe, and the GoDaddy Secure Certification Authority. WePay is also accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB).

How do I make a donation in support of a specific artwork?

You can make a donation in support of an artwork by clicking on the Donate button that appears on the artwork itself or by visiting the artwork's fundraising page.

Can I make a general donation to the fundraiser instead of supporting a specific artwork?

Yes, clicking the Donate button on the main fundraising page will credit your donation to the fundraiser's overall goal. Note that if gifts are offered, you will not receive a gift unless you support a specific artwork.

How do I get a print of the artwork I support?

To be eligible to receive a print of the artwork, you must donate the minimum amount indicated under the Donation Gifts section of the fundraiser. You will be asked to choose your gift from the selection when you make your donation. You can choose any gift up to your donation amount. Alternatively, you can also choose not to receive a gift.

When will I receive my gift?

We provide domestic shipping services to all US states. Most items are shipped within 2-5 business days of your donation and take an additional 5-7 business days for delivery depending on the location. However, some items make take 10-14 days to arrive from the time they are shipped. If you have not received your item within 3 weeks of your donation, please contact us.

Can I send my gift to someone else?

Yes! Simply enter their US mailing address when prompted for a shipping address and we will ship the print directly to the address you enter. We offer domestic shipping within the US, international shipping is not available.

How much of my donation goes to the charity or nonprofit?

Artsy Good deducts a 5% fee from donations raised through our fundraising platform. If you select to receive an artwork print or gift, the cost of the gift is also deducted from your donation.

Is my donation 100% tax-deductible?

Donations made through Artsy Good to a US-based 501(c)3 registered nonprofit are 100% tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. However, the value of benefits you receive in the form of gifts must be subtracted from your cash contribution to determine your net charitable contribution. We provide your tax-deductible amount on the donation receipt emailed to you.

What form of payment can I use to make a donation?

Artsy Good can only process online donations through WePay. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Please note your credit card statement will show a charge to "WPY-Name of Nonprofit Account," not Artsy Good.

Will my donation be displayed on your website?

If you make a donation in support of an artwork, you have the option to hide the donation amount and to choose what name to display on the artwork's fundraising page. Leave the Display Name blank to remain nameless. Your donation will also not be displayed on the website if you make a donation directly to the fundraiser.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

By all means! We respect and protect your privacy. To make an anonymous donation, uncheck the box at the bottom of the donation form and we will not share your information with the nonprofit.

I just made a donation, but I can't see it on the website!

Your donation will not show up on the website until it is processed by our credit card processor. This may just take a few minutes but can sometimes take up to several hours.

How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Artsy Good automatically sends an electronic receipt to the email address you provide at the time of your donation. The donation receipt meets all IRS requirements as a record of donation. Be sure to save the donation summary email you receive from Artsy Good for your tax records.

Can I cancel a donation or get a refund?

Tax-deductible charitable contributions made on the Artsy Good website are non-refundable. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the nonprofit immediately to request a refund. Artsy Good cannot guarantee that a nonprofit will refund your donation. The decision to refund a donation is entirely at the discretion of the nonprofit.

I have not received my gift or it arrived damaged.

If you do not receive your gift within 3 weeks of your donation, please contact us immediately. If your item arrived damaged, you must notify us within 30 days. Lost or damaged items will be replaced free of charge.

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I'm an Event Organizer

Can I change my username?

Your username cannot be changed. When you sign up for an account, you select a unique username for your profile. Make sure to select something you like and that it's appropriate for friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else who might visit your fundraising page.

I'm having problems logging in.

Your login password is case sensitive. If you have simply forgotten your password, enter the email you used to create your account here and we will send you a new password.

You must also validate your email address to fully activate your account. Simply click on the link in the email we send to the address you entered for your login.

If you continue to experience difficulty accessing your profile, please send usmore information regarding the error, along with your account login, browser version, and operating system.

How can I edit my account information?

To edit your account information, click on Settings at the top right corner of any page while you are logged into your account.

I'm having problems uploading my photo.

Photos uploaded to your profile must be in a specific format and size. Your image must be either .JPG, PNG, or .GIF and cannot be larger than 8 MB in size.

How do I register our charity or nonprofit organization?

Your organization must be a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the IRS to register and start fundraising on Artsy Good. Simply fill out the Registration Form so we can verify the 501(c)(3) status of your organization.

Who can start a fundraiser?

In order to start a fundraiser, your account must be authorized as an event organizer for your nonprofit or charity. We use the relationship to the organization you provide on the Registration Form to help us gain approval from the nonprofit to add you as an event organizer. Most event organizers work for, represent, or are approved by the nonprofit organization.

How much does it cost?

It is free to start an art fundraiser and donors are never charged any fees. Artsy Good automatically deducts a 5% fee from each donation raised through our fundraising platform. If you choose to offer donors gifts, the cost of the printed artwork will also be deducted from each donation.

How do I start a fundraiser?

Once your account is authorized as an event organizer, click on your fundraiser Dashboard from any page to start creating your art fundraiser. Start by filling out a simple fundraiser form, add artists, upload their artwork, match each artwork to the appropriate artist, and select gifts for donors.

Do I need to get parental permission?

If your artists are minors, we encourage you to get written permission from parents to publish their child's artwork and send prints of their artwork to donors. Sample permission slips you can customize are available in the Notifications section of your Dashboard.

Who can modify permissions?

If the artist is a minor, permission may be granted or denied at any time by the artist's parents, step-parents, legal guardians, or the event organizer in charge of the fundraiser.

How do you ensure privacy for artists?

Each artist on the Artsy Good website is identified by a "username" which is usually their First name followed by an assigned number (e.g., Jessica127). Event organizers can choose to display the username of artists who are minors and display the full name of artists who are not minors. For more info, please review our Privacy & Security Policy.

Who owns the copyright of the artwork submitted?

Artists retain ownership of their artwork. However, when the parent or artist gives permission to display the artwork, they grant Artsy Good the right and license to publish the artwork on the fundraiser page indefinitely and make prints of the artwork to send to donors while the fundraiser is running.

I'm having problems uploading my artwork.

Images uploaded to your fundraiser must be in a specific format and size. Each artwork image must be either .JPG, PNG, or .GIF and cannot be larger than 8 MB in size. For higher quality prints, upload images that are at least 2 MB in size.

How do I register to receive donations directly in my account?

During the fundraiser creation process, we'll ask you to register an account with WePay and authorize us to access it for credit card processing. Registering with WePay allows you to receive and manage funds directly. You can then create a specific payment account within your WePay account to manage donations collected from your fundraisers separately.

Does WePay charge any fees?

WePay charges a 2.9% plus 30¢ per transaction fee for all major credit card transactions.

Can we offer donors a print of the artwork they support?

Yes. When you create your fundraiser, you have the option to select the gifts you want to offer your donors. You set the minimum donation amount required for each gift. Donors will be eligible to receive an item if they donate the minimum amount required for that item. Donors may also choose an item with a lower donation minimum or choose not to receive a gift for their donation.

What kinds of prints are available as gifts?

We offer a wide range of items at every price point. The items include high quality photo prints or giclee prints on a variety of paper media or canvas. The prints can be sent framed, mounted, or simply rolled in a tube. You can also have the artwork printed on cards, stationery, and other keepsake items. If you don't find the item you have in mind in our list, please drop us a line with your request.

Why should I offer gifts to donors?

Gifts provide a nice incentive for your donors to support the artwork. It's also a great way to say thank you and to help them remember that they supported a good cause. Family and friends cherish the artwork of their loved ones and love the convenience of receiving a print without the hassle of ordering it themselves. And artists love that they can share their art, but not part with it.

When will donors receive their gifts?

Most items are shipped within 2-5 business days of their donation and take an additional 5-7 business days for delivery. However, some items make take 10-14 days to arrive from the time they are shipped.

What does it mean to publish a fundraiser?

Publishing your fundraiser makes it viewable publicly. Although you can continue to add artists and artwork and make changes to the fundraiser description, you will not be able to edit the Cause, End Date, Fundraising Goal, and Gifts once the fundraiser is published and live on the website. Please make sure those parameters are correct before publishing your fundraiser.

Can I edit my fundraiser once it is published?

You can continue to edit most of your fundraiser's descriptions, artists, artwork, and permissions. However, the Cause, End Date, Fundraising Goal, and Gifts are not editable once the fundraiser is live.

My fundraiser is now live, what do I need to do next?

Congratulations! All that's left is to get the word out. You can use your preferred email tool, social media channel, or even good old-fashioned flyers. We provide customizable flyers in the Notifications section of your Dashboard. No matter what you do, be sure to include the URL to your fundraiser in your digital communication or the title of your fundraiser for visitors to search on our site.

Does Artsy Good send my donors a "thank you" and a tax receipt?

Yes. We thank each and every donor, but you should too! Our email thanks the donor for their generosity on behalf of your Cause and Artsy Good. We also automatically provide an electronic acknowledgement of their donation to be used as a tax receipt.

Is there a donor report available for the nonprofit?

Artsy Good provides a downloadable donor report to the event organizer in their fundraiser Dashboard to help them keep track of donations and thank donors appropriately. Unless a donor has chosen to remain anonymous, their name, email address, donation amount, and date of transaction is reported.

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